Neurological Assessment Skills - A Basic Guide

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A lecturer once told Renee Di Giuseppe not to automatically assume someone is drunk if they are stumbling down the street; for they could quite possibly be having a hypoglycaemic attack... Since then, the four factors that can cause an altered state of consciousness have stayed with her: sugars, sedation, seizures, and stroke. Join Renee for this easy-to-understand refresher on how to conduct a comprehensive neurological assessment - a cornerstone of clinical nursing practice.


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Renee Di Giuseppe

Renee Di Giuseppe is a registered nurse: critical care who holds a master of health science (critical care). She works in the intensive care unit of a large public hospital in Melbourne. Renee has a great passion for nursing and enjoys presenting regularly for Ausmed Education. Renee holds valuable experience as a clinical teacher for undergraduate nursing students and has extensive experience as an ANUM, an acting NUM within the intensive care unit. See Educator Profile

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First Published23 April 2017
Updated23 April 2017
15 May 2019
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