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Otherwise known as "flesh-eating bacteria", necrotising fasciitis can be as serious as its name suggests. But just what is it, and do you stand a chance once the bug enters your body? Join Jan Rice for this passionate discussion on best practice management of this deadly condition, and learn how to spot the early warning signs...


Jan Rice

Jan Rice is a Registered Nurse with many years of experience in surgical nursing. Jan is a member of the Venous Leg Ulcer Guideline Implementation sub-committee and the Pressure Injury Guidelines Development sub-committee. Jan obtained a Masters in Wound Care in 2009 and runs a wound clinic in a large Metropolitan General Practice — Ashwood Medical. Through her own business, Jan has been acting as a consultant to over 80 aged care facilities and a resource for Divisions of General Practice and surgeons within Victoria. Jan is an author of a book chapter on wound healing and has been a volunteer with Interplast since 1983. In 2006, she was awarded Fellowship to the Australian Wound Management Association.




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Very good

Arleta Roszkowski
25 May 2018


caragh pugh
12 May 2018

Very informative.

Christy Marais
09 May 2018

Very well delivered and easily explained.

Emma Mincher-Jones
23 Mar 2018

as always jan gives a great lecture and her pool of knowledge is remarkable, thank goodness she is willing to share

jude desjardines
22 Oct 2017

I find Jan rice the best at what she does always interesting and does it so the person can understand it

Jennifer soutar
07 Oct 2017

very good and informative lecture

Kriebel felicja
03 Oct 2017

very good and informative lecture

Kriebel felicja
03 Oct 2017