Modern Diabetes Management

40m of CPD
Evelyn Boyce
16 June 2017

This informative talk by Credentialed Diabetes Educator Evelyn Boyce will serve as a much-needed refresher on the pathophysiology of diabetes, as well as bring you up-to-speed on the latest management and recommended guidelines to treat both hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia. A well-paced, back-to-basics presentation.


Evelyn Boyce


Evelyn Boyce is a Credentialed Diabetes Educator, RN Div 1. She has been working in Diabetes Education for the last 7 years. She currently works as a CDE in Community Health at NRCH, and in private practice with various GP clinics. She is passionate about health promotion and diabetes education. Evelyn has been involved in Nursing education for over 15 years, previously part of the academic staff, lecturing at Latrobe University, ACU and hase also taught into the post graduate Diabetes education Course at Mayfield, and the Div 2 course.


Jane Phillips18 Sep 2018
Good revision of basics of diabetes.

Jeffrey lapera30 Aug 2018
Nicely done video

Wadzana Nollie HWATA20 Jun 2018
Every informative and useful information

Emma Gorton19 Jun 2018
This lecture was a good reinforcement of the basics of diabetes management.

Jessica Sharpe13 Jun 2018
Very informative and raised some interesting points I hadn't considered before.

tracey lackmann04 Jun 2018
Great refresher for my current knowledge base

Diane Robson31 May 2018
A good refresher for my current knowledge

Janelle Powell31 May 2018

Stephen Dunk30 May 2018
very informative

Trinh Nguyen30 May 2018

Wilma Barnes23 May 2018
Improved my knowledge in diabetes

Elizabeth Lapuz15 May 2018

gabrielle Grant06 May 2018
Was good

Erin Allan06 May 2018
Defiantly reinforced some knoledge and increased my understanding on management of DM

Jessica Clissold04 May 2018
Very informative lecture

Julia Foster29 Apr 2018
Good refresher, but not very engaging.

Mark canning29 Apr 2018

Jocelyn Mellors24 Apr 2018
The speaker could have engage more with her viewers. I didn’t feel that I want to listen more as I was getting sleepy listening.

Rowena Graff23 Apr 2018
Well informed.

Blue Stockmann23 Apr 2018
Clear and educational

Cristobal Ace Campillo22 Apr 2018
Very informative presentation, although the pacing could still be improved a little.

Stewart morris20 Apr 2018
Good easy to follow information

Hayley Mackay19 Apr 2018
Was a little too slow and not very engaging

Lady Krystal Cajulao19 Apr 2018
Very helpful topic.

Laboure KONIECZNY19 Apr 2018
I found this useful.

Gabriele Dummett19 Apr 2018
I found the presenter to be quite knowledgeable, and enjoyed listening to her presentation.

Trisha Eisenhuth19 Apr 2018
Satisfactory resource.

Chetna Sharma18 Apr 2018
It was very informative.

Devika Nandanimala17 Apr 2018
Good refresher

Janelle McIntosh17 Apr 2018
Fantastic video easy to understand

Maria Ives17 Apr 2018
Excellent educator

Peta Michelle Meek05 Apr 2018
The educator did a great job at explaining management of diabetes

Patience Akhator03 Apr 2018

Rebecca Moore03 Feb 2018
Good basic education/refresher on diabetes management. Well paced.

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