Fragile Bones - Minimal Trauma Fractures in the Older Person

22m of CPD
Kate Bell
27 August 2017

Did you know that 1 in 5 post-menopausal women who sustain a vertebral fracture will suffer another within 1 year? Unfortunately, this is not the only alarming statistic regarding osteoporotic fractures. Fortunately, however, Kate Bell has some answers to how we can reduce the high rates of recurrence in individuals with OP. Learn what they are in this lecture...


Kate Bell


Kate has worked in a major tertiary hospital in Queensland since 2007. Her work has centred on general orthopaedic nursing including trauma, aged care and making the link between low trauma fracture and osteoporosis. Kate's qualifications include a Masters of Nurse Practitioner Studies (special interest in Osteoporosis) and Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Ageing and Dementia Studies). Kate is passionate about sharing information and improving the identification and treatment of osteoporosis in ageing adults.


Jennifer Francis19 Apr 2018
Excellent information, very educational

Jenna He01 Apr 2018
It is informative

Susan Parkes10 Oct 2017
Easy lecture to follow. Interesting information which I never knew about OP and fractures.

Janice Belskyj05 Oct 2017
Collaboration between professionals and advocating for residents is essential

Julieanne hart26 Sep 2017
Informative for RN's, encouraged collaboration between health professionals

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