Heather Harris
03 May 2017

The Midwife's Role in Modern Breastfeeding

Has the midwife's role in this crucial aspect of maternal care changed over the years? What are some of the challenges facing the modern midwife? Social media, language, beliefs and values... these are all factors that midwives in the twenty-first century must overcome in order to effectively educate and support breastfeeding women. Join Heather Harris for this discussion on issues facing women today.


Heather Harris


Heather Harris first qualified as a midwife in 1970 and has worked in all areas of midwifery practice over the intervening years. She has served on a number of professional committees over the years, including ACMI (Vic) and ALCA (now LCANZ). She was involved in the successful BFHI accreditation for Mitcham Private Hospital, the RWH, and Box Hill hospital. She is a breastfeeding specialist who first qualified as an IBCLC in 1991. She has also been involved in the education of health professionals, presenting in all States of Australia, as well as in the US and Hong Kong. Since 2001, Heather has served as a midwife with Doctors Without Borders in the Ivory Coast, South Sudan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. She currently has her own private practice in lactation consultancy.


Wendy Somers22 Jun 2018
Excellent presentation.

Heather Corbett22 May 2018
I work in a special care nursery where many of the issues/ problems raised were very pertinent. I found the lecture great.

Judy Applegarth06 May 2018
Session was not quite what I had expected

Meghan Charleson25 Apr 2018
Interesting topics

Katrina Johnson20 Apr 2018
Great facilitator and very knowledgeable.

Leah Lochhead04 Apr 2018

Ashleigh Ford01 Apr 2018
Very good

Maureen Huggins23 Feb 2018
Presenter was informative

Jennifer OHara24 Oct 2017
This educator is great. I recommend this session to Midwives, Child, and family health nurses, Doctors, anyone really, that assists with breastfeeding.

Hayley Mann21 Sep 2017

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