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Lecture Overview

Often the focus of diabetes management can centre on preventing long-term complications. However, the prevalence of diabetes means that enrolled nurses who work in acute care settings, such as emergency departments, will also encounter people with acute metabolic complications of diabetes. Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is one such example. This session looks the clinical management of DKA and serves as a guide to practice for enrolled nurses.


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Peta Tauchmann

Peta Tauchmann has worked as a diabetes educator since 1998. In 2003, she established a private practice in diabetes education in Brisbane and, in 2015, she was endorsed as a Nurse Practitioner. Professionally, she enjoys a range of activities, working in her own community-based clinics and contributing to local and national projects designed to improve the care of people with diabetes. She enjoys working in an area of health care that is meaningful, constantly changing, and intellectually stimulating.




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Abdulsamir Abdulhakim Sheikh
16 May 2019

fantastic education with simple explanations

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Carmella Millett
15 May 2019

Informative and clear. Recommend to all health professionals looking after those with diabetes.

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Esther Sibanda
13 May 2019

The presenter is good

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Pamela Green
12 May 2019

This is a fantastic resource for nurses.

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Catherine Wilkes
12 May 2019

As a registered nurse for over 30 years and a type 1 diabetic for 21 years. I thought this resource was very informative. It was presented well and was easy to follow on line. I am new to online leaning . The educator was engaging with her peers. The case studies were informative and action plans were put in place

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Caroline Woolmer
12 May 2019

I found this to be an extremely interesting and relevant topic to my scope of practice. It was an area that I was lacking in knowledge. It has given me practical tips that I can incorporate into my practice to make it more relevant. I can proved better care.

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Natasha Tew
12 May 2019

A fantastic and well delivered DKA lecture

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Rebecca Villa
12 May 2019

Clear and easy to follow

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Anna Carter
11 May 2019

Interesting lecutre, well presented

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Monique Kemp
09 May 2019

great presentation