Join Leanne Boase, Nurse Practitioner, as she delivers this short and sharp presentation on how you can ensure you take a best possible medication history with any patient. Although this presentation is aimed at advanced clinicians, the principles of taking an accurate and thorough medication history apply to all healthcare professionals. A great refresher not to be missed.

Recorded: 22 Mar 2018


Interesting. -- 24 May 2018
Short and sharp. Great information and some thought provoking stories. I would recommend. -- 23 May 2018
Great course. -- 23 May 2018
yes very easy to understand and was great to listen to. -- 22 May 2018
Medication Reconciliation beyond the medication list. very well presented and enforced the important when receiving / documentation from the client there medical history and current medications. For my own learning at times I do ask the Client when giving out medications " what's this tablet For" if they say I don't now ! I voice my concern to RN and MO . -- 21 May 2018
Informative -- 19 May 2018
This educator was very engaging. -- 19 May 2018
Very informative -- 18 May 2018