Maternal Mental Illness

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A frank look at the rates of maternal mental illness paints an interesting picture: never before have rates of mental illness in pregnant women been so high. But there are options. While some medications have been shown to cause detrimental effects to the unborn foetus, newer medications on the market can be taken safely during pregnancy. Join Dr Treasure McGuire as she explores what is, and what is not, OK.


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Treasure McGuire

Dr Treasure McGuire is a medicines information pharmacist, pharmacologist, educator and researcher. As assistant director of pharmacy, Mater Health Services, she manages their academic practice unit. She is also a senior conjoint lecturer in the School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland and associate professor of pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Bond University, where she lectures on complementary medicines, reproductive health, medication safety and communicable diseases. In recognition of her services to medicines information, she received the Lilly International Fellowship in Hospital Pharmacy and the Bowl of Hygeia of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. See Educator Profile