Liver Disease: Hepatitis B During Pregnancy

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This engaging lecture, presented by a passionate Dr Jacqui Richmond covers a range of important aspects relating to hepatitis B and pregnancy. Includes an overview of hepatitis and how transmission occurs, testing and disease course and essential considerations for midwives caring for women with chronic hepatitis B (CHB).


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Jacqui Richmond

Jacqui Richmond has worked in the viral hepatitis sector for the 20 years in nursing, education, social and health services research, and policy development. Jacqui is a registered nurse who completed a PhD in 2006. She currently works at the Burnet Institute as the national workforce development and health service delivery coordinator for the Eliminate Hepatitis C Project. The broad focus of Jacqui’s work is building the capacity of the health workforce to test, treat and manage the healthcare needs of people living with viral hepatitis. See Educator Profile

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First Published13 August 2019
Updated13 August 2019
29 April 2020
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