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Pierre Baume
29 May 2017

Failing to Act, Failing to Advocate - Is this Medical Negligence?

What if you suspect a patient in your care has suffered abuse or if a colleague on shift is smelling of alcohol? In a situation like this, what is your legal responsibility? Barrister with the Victorian Bar (and registered nurse), Pierre Baume, delivers this in depth review of your legal obligations when it comes to mandatory reporting and advocating for your patient.


Pierre Baume


Pierre Baume is a barrister at the Victorian Bar and practises in the areas of health law, family law, and commercial law. He has also worked as a senior academic in several universities across Australia. Until 2012, he was a senior academic at Monash University where he taught mental health, law, and ethics. Pierre is a Director of the St Kilda Legal Service and past vice chair of the Mental Health Legal Centre. Prior to joining the Victorian Bar, Pierre spent 25 years in the health industry, both as clinician and administrator. He is the founding director of the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention and Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences at Griffith University. He has published and presented over 100 papers nationally and internationally.


Rowena Graff29 May 2018
Informative. Very helpful.

Princess Abigail Vero27 May 2018

Heesung Lee27 May 2018

Mark James27 May 2018

Cathy Cain22 May 2018
The Educator was eady to listen to.

Dorothy-anne burrows17 May 2018

Kahondo Mutsa17 May 2018

Maureen Boldiston16 May 2018
Very interesting. Would have appreciated more viewing of the screen board

Barbara Clare Affleck15 May 2018
interesting presentation

Efstathia Stanitsas13 May 2018
Very informative. Great Lecture.

Tanya Robbins12 May 2018
I found this really useful it confirmed that to me that I was on the right track with my knowledge in this area but I learned something new too and he was excellent and explaining the intricacies of it all

Shilpi katiyar12 May 2018
Good information

Erin Allan06 May 2018
Very insightful and informative.

Werner Cossid05 May 2018

Candace Pederson03 May 2018
This was very informative.

Chetna Sharma02 May 2018

Helen Felsch02 May 2018
Off to a slow start but the presenter was well engaged with his teaching, funny at times and very informative. He was easy to listen to and had a wealth of information to be persued.

Gurnam Singh Saini02 May 2018
well said

Roland Patrick Tan30 Apr 2018

Dorothy Bardoutsos30 Apr 2018
The topic is incredibly important to me

Tracy Kiddle28 Apr 2018
The educator was very engaging

Leah Oliver27 Apr 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed the topic. Excellent presentation and lecture from Pierre Baume. Good to be informed as to where nurses stand with regards to legalities.

Dianne Paddock27 Apr 2018
excellent presenter, clera and concise presentation

Jocelyn Mellors26 Apr 2018
Interesting and infirmative

Timothy cross26 Apr 2018
Fantastic lecture well articulated

Karen Innes26 Apr 2018
Found the parts about monitoring and reporting peers and students very interesting

Stephen Dunk25 Apr 2018
very good explanation and well articulated making the learning process beneficial

Ulrike pearce25 Apr 2018
Awesome information.... easy to understand and also reconfirms prior knowledge

Teresa prior25 Apr 2018
The speaker made very relevant easy to follow points.

Jacinta Egoroff24 Apr 2018
Conference videos, always been easier for me to learn from!

Margaret Christian24 Apr 2018
it is important to revisit our legal responsibilities and restrictions and Pierre explains the difference clearly

Gail Day11 Mar 2018
Great refresher

Jennifer soutar14 Oct 2017
Very interesting subject matter ,I felt I learnt a lot ,it was clearly demonstrated as legal jargon can be quite intimidating and difficult to understand

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