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Cover image for lecture: Insulin: an Everyday Toxin

Lecture Overview

The incorrect dose of this everyday medicine, insulin, has the potential to become a lethal poison when misused. This session will explore how insulin toxicity occurs and what we need to consider when administering or caring for people who have been prescribed insulin.


Portrait of Peta Tauchmann
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Peta Tauchmann has worked as a diabetes educator since 1998. In 2003, she established a private practice in diabetes education in Brisbane and, in 2015, she was endorsed as a Nurse Practitioner. Professionally, she enjoys a range of activities, working in her own community-based clinics and contributing to local and national projects designed to improve the care of people with diabetes. She enjoys working in an area of health care that is meaningful, constantly changing, and intellectually stimulating.


28 Total Rating(s)
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Michele Selby
13 Oct 2019

Excellent presentation

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Dianne Chand
20 Aug 2019

This was a very good presentation. The only criticism would be that when she was doing the diagram the slide on the video was covering it and therefore the diagram was not seen.

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bronwyn ann beecroft
15 Aug 2019


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Jennylyn Calacsan
27 Jul 2019

Very engaging and I've gained a lot of new interventions about administering insulin!

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Deborah Devlin
17 Jul 2019

Excellent education resource, well presented, easy to understand and informative.

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Rachelle Christine Co
16 Jul 2019


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Zoe Robins
03 Jul 2019


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Andrew Markula
02 Jul 2019

Great presentation.

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Ze Liu
26 Jun 2019

function of insulin increase glucose uptake supress glucose output in the liver promotes amino acid uptake prevent fat breakdown insulin should be linked to nutritional status rapid acting insulin should be given at the start of a meal Don't pinch skin, lift

Generic portrait
Yahui Teng
15 Jun 2019


CPD27m of CPD
Total Rating(s)  28
Published02 June 2019
Expires09 December 2021
Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetic Microvascular Complications
Insulin Therapy
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