Inherited Cancers and Genetic Counselling

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Lecture Overview

Genetic Counsellor Linda Cicciarelli explains what genetic testing can tell us in predicting and diagnosing certain cancers. Learn how to take a family history assessment and what other factors need to be taken into account in mapping a genogram.


Portrait of Linda Cicciarelli
Linda Cicciarelli

Linda Cicciarelli is a genetic counsellor with 9 years’ experience working in cancer genetics at the Peter MacCallum and Monash Familial Cancer Centres.  Linda works in all areas of cancer genetics and has a special interest in treatment focused genetic assessments on newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. She is a regular presenter to post graduate nursing staff on incorporating cancer genetic assessments into clinical practice See Educator Profile

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First Published01 August 2017
Updated01 August 2017
06 November 2020
Genomic Medicine
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