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Off the back of updated policy and position documents from international wound management bodies, Melinda Brooks has many updates to wound management that you need to know about. Learn about the updated terminology, management continuum, and evidence-based products that you can use to ensure infected wounds in your care are managed according to the latest guidelines.


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Melinda Brooks

Melinda Brooks has worked in wound management for more than 20 years in a variety of settings from the Victorian Adult Burns Unit to community nursing to research and lecturing in wound care at both Monash and Latrobe Universities. Melinda works in private practice as a nurse practitioner in wound management, following her endorsement in 2013. Her work is mainly in aged care and the community, providing consultancy and education. In 2016, Melinda and two colleagues began 'Wounds R Us' – a collaboration that provides wound management education to clinicians around Melbourne. Melinda has presented at many state and national conferences and thrives on teaching others about the importance of holistic wound management. Melinda is currently a member of the Wounds Australia Education Pillar and committee member of the Wounds Australia national conference 2018. See Educator Profile


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Olivia Collins
21 May 2019

This educator was very thorough with explaining why some treatments are more effective and appropriate to use regarding the patients situation, also this educator provides knowledge about how to improve infection prevention.

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Bernadette Bruning
20 May 2019

Well presented relevant information to enable implementation of better procedures for wound bed cleaning and swab taking

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Kostova Milena
17 May 2019


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Jonette Hazel Marie Urbino
15 May 2019

Really great presentation. Very insightful.

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Brandon Nguyen
15 May 2019

Good overview of wound infections

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Anna Carter
13 May 2019

Excellent resource on current wound cleaning and swabbing recommendations.

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Sophie Strong
12 May 2019

Very informative

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Sarah Wilkinson
11 May 2019

Great learning. Very knowledgable practitioner with a lot of experience.

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Lisa Leeon
07 May 2019

Excellent, concise lecture

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Lucy Fanning
06 May 2019

Clear and concise.