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Off the back of updated policy and position documents from international wound management bodies, Melinda Brooks has many updates to wound management that you need to know about. Learn about the updated terminology, management continuum, and evidence-based products that you can use to ensure infected wounds in your care are managed according to the latest guidelines.


Melinda Brooks

Melinda Brooks has worked in wound management for more than 20 years in a variety of settings from the Victorian Adult Burns Unit, to community nursing, to research and lecturing in wound care at both Monash and Latrobe Universities. Melinda works in private practice as a Nurse Practitioner in wound management, following her endorsement in 2013. Her work is mainly in aged care and the community, providing consultancy and education. In 2016, Melinda and two colleagues began <em>Wounds R Us</em> – a collaboration which provides wound management education to clinicians around Melbourne. Melinda has presented at many state and national conferences and thrives on teaching others about the importance of holistic wound management. Melinda is currently a member of the Wounds Australia Education Pillar and committee member of the Wounds Australia national conference 2018.




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Very good information provided in an easy to follow method

Sheryl Gruhn
08 Dec 2018

Great resource

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17 Nov 2018


Jo-Liene bell
15 Oct 2018

Great update, thorough and engaging presentation. Highly recommended.

Sara Castelijn
05 Oct 2018

Great refresher

Rachel Freestone
04 Oct 2018

A great presenter

Valda Ruscoe
17 Sep 2018

Wound swabs need to be deep and on red tissue Clean a wound before swabbing it It will be painful Don’t use the same dressing for more than 2 weeks same with antibiotics

Jessica Bauer
10 Sep 2018

an excellent speaker

Wendy Boehringer
10 Sep 2018

Was good

Tahlia McAvan
28 Aug 2018

Its always good to hear about updated wound care procedures.

Frances Mead
01 Aug 2018

fantastic update for wound care.. well done, delivered superbly!

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15 Jul 2018

Very informative

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15 Jul 2018

Very informative & engaging

Sally Hunter
13 Jul 2018

I found this very interesting, informative and well presented.

Joanne Kay
11 Jul 2018


Kathryn morey
11 Jul 2018

This was a really helpful and informative lecture, not too complicated but full of useful information.

Jessica Sharpe
10 Jul 2018

I found this both engaging and informative.

Melissa Weatherley
09 Jul 2018

Very helpful presentation with helpful information on updates to wound management. Would love to hear more from Melinda Brooks.

Sharon Clear
07 Jul 2018

This video was well presented with new changes to information already in general use with new information on definitions that are up to date.

Leah Evans, RN
06 Jul 2018

Great short course, concise and clear with up to date knowledge and ideas

Chris Wilson
04 Jul 2018

Very informative and easy to listen to.

Emma Vanstone
04 Jul 2018

Good simple update on wound assessment and management.

Maree Wearne
04 Jul 2018

Very informative and easy listening

Eva Bodnar
04 Jul 2018

Very Informative

Michael Howard
04 Jul 2018

Very well presented

Candace Pederson
04 Jul 2018

Well worth listening to

Colleen Laugesen
04 Jul 2018

Excellent - lots of new information

Colleen Laugesen
04 Jul 2018

This video was very informative and the presenter spoken clearly and very engaging.

Jessica M Forno
03 Jul 2018

Great lecture

Emma Louise Willcox
03 Jul 2018

Very good. Learnt so much, Would be good for our CCC and team leaders to see this too.

Elizabeth Jane Abbott
01 Jul 2018

very informative lecture!

Iana Villacastin
29 Jun 2018