Listening, and acceptance of patient concerns, are the two most important things when it comes to vaccines. Join Dr Jenny Royle for this heartwarming and informative discussion on how she has overcome common concerns and resistance to immunisations.

Recorded: 21 Mar 2018


Really interesting! -- 24 May 2018
Extremely informative. Wonderfully presented.Thank you Dr Royle. -- 23 May 2018
Very informative, spoken very clearly and engaging -- 22 May 2018
Great presentation,very informative. -- 22 May 2018
This lecture was delivered in such a way that It was easy to understand, the diagrams and language used was incredibly helpful to me as I am a visual learner. A passionate and informative lecture, that really increased my understanding in this area. -- 22 May 2018
Great strategy for dealing with clients with concerns and resistance to vaccination. -- 21 May 2018
A very informative and interesting lecture. -- 21 May 2018
Well presented -- 21 May 2018
Make the audience aware the areas that should be mindful of in the process of vaccination. -- 20 May 2018
One of the most effective and engaging presenters I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Absolutely brilliant. -- 20 May 2018
Excellent speaker and this conference has provided me with understanding of vaccinations -- 19 May 2018
Great, really enjoyed this lecture -- 19 May 2018
Excellent lecture -- 18 May 2018
Jenny was a great lecturer and made the topic interesting and enjoyable. I learnt heaps. Thank you. -- 18 May 2018
Thank you so much. The talk was really informative and gave me new understandings on how to talk with people about vaccines. -- 18 May 2018
This was an excellent presentation. Many patients have concerns about immunisation, and this presentation gave some excellent strategies for exploring these concerns along with information to provide reassurance and improve immunisation rates. -- 18 May 2018
What a great speaker. Very worthwhile online to watch. I feel inspired by her and hope to communicate with my patients as she does with hers. -- 18 May 2018
Pretty useful resource in general practice. -- 18 May 2018
An excellent presentation -- 18 May 2018
Great refresher on immunisation. Engaging presenter. Great practical tips for practice. -- 17 May 2018
Engaging, well-presented and thoughtful presentation. -- 17 May 2018
Excellent -- 17 May 2018
Informative -- 17 May 2018
Absolutely terrific -- 17 May 2018
Jenny was a very informative and captivating speaker. Very interesting. Loves her stuff. -- 17 May 2018
Best presentation on immunisation that I have ever seen. -- 17 May 2018
A really good presenter. Very enthusiastic. Very knowledgeable. This presenter was very easy to listen to. -- 16 May 2018
excellent presenter -- 16 May 2018
This is a fabulous resource and helped me have a better understanding of how to educate patients in a constructive way. -- 15 May 2018
Very interesting and relevant to my practice -- 15 May 2018
Incredibly informative and insightful. -- 14 May 2018
Excellent resource. Best inservice i have had on Ausmed. -- 14 May 2018
Great lecture that is very relevant to midwives and nurses, especially coming into flu season. -- 13 May 2018
Very informative -- 12 May 2018
Very engaging -- 12 May 2018
Awesome. Totally recommend this to new immunisation providers. -- 12 May 2018
Was good lecture new information that will help me educate or resistant to immunisation. -- 12 May 2018
The educator was excellent. -- 11 May 2018
Jenny is the most interesting and captivating lecturer I have listened to for a long time. -- 11 May 2018
Impressive talk -- 11 May 2018
The presenter explained vaccination basically and clearly. The information provided was relevant and acknowledging side effects, vaccination development and stats re occurance will be useful in my own practice as a nurse immuniser. -- 10 May 2018
An amazing and informative presentation. -- 10 May 2018
Really interesting. -- 10 May 2018
Awesome, throughly enjoyed, well explained, easy to understand, and be able to recommunicate to patients, an/or parents of. -- 10 May 2018