Did I sign that medication chart? Did I do the right thing? Should I call work and check? You are not alone if these doubts filter through your mind on your way home from a long shift! Learn how to feel better satisfied that your work is done and establish clear boundaries between your professional and personal lives - the key ingredients to surviving shiftwork.

Recorded: 15 Mar 2018


Good refresher course. -- 21 Apr 2018
Was refreshing and fulfilling -- 20 Apr 2018
Very nice presenter with some valid and current insights. -- 20 Apr 2018
Improve mental health with exercise and healthy food -- 17 Apr 2018
Well presented -- 16 Apr 2018
Very informative and good reminder to connect with health -- 16 Apr 2018
Very informative. A good reminder to be aware of self bias and make the decision not gossip. -- 16 Apr 2018
This is an important aspect of nursing. The educator was engaging and highlighted key aspects that will enhance a nurses ability to flourish at and outside of work. -- 16 Apr 2018
Great tool to help with your own internal negative voice. Puts it into perspective. -- 16 Apr 2018
great, self care is so important -- 15 Apr 2018
Excellent presentation -- 15 Apr 2018
interesting lecture -- 15 Apr 2018
A must watch... made me think about what makes me happy,strategies to improve myself, to better enable me to leave work at work by teaching me strategies to cope and not feel overwhelmed. -- 15 Apr 2018
Lots of quotes and educator's own experience made this education interesting and informative. -- 15 Apr 2018
The presentation was great. -- 15 Apr 2018
The educator was very engaging. -- 15 Apr 2018
I loved it! very motivational and positive! -- 15 Apr 2018
Every nurse needs to watch. -- 15 Apr 2018
Engaging and knowledgeable speaker -- 15 Apr 2018
If the you tube videos has been incorporated into the videos session it would have been better. -- 14 Apr 2018
Highly engaging presentation that all nurses should watch. -- 14 Apr 2018
Very educational and highly professional. -- 13 Apr 2018
Enjoyed this lecture very much for a new EN Learner -- 13 Apr 2018
Well worth watching. Made me reflect. Pertinent and useful information. Thank you. -- 13 Apr 2018
Very helpful in order to cope stress and worries. -- 13 Apr 2018
I really enjoyed this lecture, it has inspired me to lookup the on line videos we did not see. The lecturer had a great amount of knowledge and was very human in his approach to sharing what he has learned. -- 12 Apr 2018
A very useful and informative resource. -- 12 Apr 2018
Spot on 100% -- 12 Apr 2018
This was a great lecture and has taught me some strategies to help with stress and anxiety from work -- 12 Apr 2018
Interesting lecture - shows us all how we worry. -- 12 Apr 2018
Lectuter was very clear and definitive in his lecture -- 11 Apr 2018
Excellent reminder to take care of self holistically and to continue to strive to have a more consistent shut off switch -- 11 Apr 2018
A thought provoking presentation which will guide me to further explore positive psychology and also reflect on how I deal with work anxiety -- 11 Apr 2018
This was a useful and informative lecture, but most of it I knew. Putting into practice is the tricky bit. -- 11 Apr 2018
Very optimistic video. Good strategies to try and follow. -- 11 Apr 2018
this lecture made me reflect on my practices and gave me some strategies on how to cope with anxiety and taking work home. -- 11 Apr 2018
Fantastic lecture. Thank you. -- 11 Apr 2018
Excellent lecture. I have gained a lot from the information. -- 11 Apr 2018
Great information, useful content -- 11 Apr 2018
Very positive, informative and useful information -- 11 Apr 2018
This is really interesting.. unknowingly I been adopting this system and it make my nursing career happy and fulfilled. very interesting and informative -- 11 Apr 2018
Interesting and informative presentation. Worth doing. -- 10 Apr 2018
It was informative and interesting. -- 10 Apr 2018
Excellent -- 10 Apr 2018
Excellent presentation and content - would love to see more information on self care for nurses! -- 10 Apr 2018
Great tips to apply after watching this. -- 10 Apr 2018
Excellent presentation! -- 09 Apr 2018
Excellent presentation! -- 09 Apr 2018
Very helpful and well presented -- 09 Apr 2018
I found this useful -- 09 Apr 2018
Thank you for reminding me that the work we do is so important and valued by the public -- 09 Apr 2018
Great -- 09 Apr 2018
Interesting and positive. Information to act on. -- 08 Apr 2018
A great lecture with many good ideas -- 08 Apr 2018
Excellent and thought provoking -- 08 Apr 2018
Great way to remind us that our lives are more than just work and some strategies to improve workplaces. -- 08 Apr 2018
Very informative and thought provoking. We can all take something positive from this that we can put into place in our own lives in general, as well as in our nursing. Thank you. -- 08 Apr 2018
Very thought provoking in being aware and consciously making the decision to i. not gossip (so easy to engage in talk without realising it) ii. not answering messages etc - not much is so urgent that it can't wait until tomorrow. I think phones and social media has provided that 'answer straight away' concept and we need to learn that no, we don't have to. I find it slows life down when we can learn to separate these things :) -- 08 Apr 2018
Quite an interesting topic -- 08 Apr 2018
This was a valuable and succinct talk. Definitely reccommend to all health professionals looking to find balance in their work/life stress and for tools to help beat burnout. -- 07 Apr 2018
Good education well done -- 06 Apr 2018
This was a good reminder even though we have heard a lot of this before we all need to be reminded at times just to keep in touch with ourselves Good -- 06 Apr 2018
engaging presenter -- 06 Apr 2018