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There has long been a belief that hormonal medications increase clot risk. Does the evidence support this? Dr Treasure McGuire will help you unravel the research to finally answer this question and understand the complex relationship between female hormones and venous thromboembolism risk.


Treasure McGuire

Dr Treasure McGuire is a medicines information pharmacist, pharmacologist, educator, and researcher. As assistant director of pharmacy, Mater Health Services, she manages their academic practice unit. She is also a senior conjoint lecturer in the School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland and associate professor of pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Bond University, where she lectures on complementary medicines, reproductive health, medication safety, and communicable diseases. In recognition of her services to medicines information, she received the Lilly International Fellowship in Hospital Pharmacy and the Bowl of Hygeia of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.




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Hellene Heron
27 May 2018


Simon Elmaleh
13 Apr 2018

Good video. Facilitator was clear and easy to understand

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30 Mar 2018

Very informative thank you

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25 Mar 2018

Really interesting and informative lecture

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06 Feb 2018

Engaging presentation, very worthwhile information, clarifying several queries for me in this area.

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06 Jan 2018

I found this lecture very valuable and easy to comprehend. The educator was very engaging and easy to follow.

Jacinta Marie Costigan
18 Dec 2017