Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Liver Cancer

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HCC is the fifth-most common tumour worldwide and second-most common cause of cancer-related death, but is this figure grossly under-reported? This deadly cancer requires aggressive management and treatment, with patients often thinking a transplant is their only option. But, in a world with a limited supply of livers for donation, what other options are out there?


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Jana Van der Jagt

Jana Van der Jagt is a hepatology nurse practitioner from the Mid North Coast of NSW where she established and developed the Port Macquarie Liver Clinic. She has worked in the field of hepatology for 18 years. Her current roles include the provision of comprehensive liver disease assessment and management in private practice at Port Macquarie Gastroenterology as well as consultancy services developing and delivering education for healthcare workers. Particular interests include advanced liver disease, nurse education, and the development of responsive models of care. Jana’s qualifications include graduate diploma in critical care nursing, graduate diploma adult education and training, and a master of nursing (nurse practitioner). See Educator Profile