Hit that Vein: A Guide to Drawing Blood Correctly

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In this highly practical and back-to-basics refresher, Marcella Dean gives an animated step-by-step guide on how you can become a blood-taking extroadinaire. An area of practice that many are not confident in; let us show you how you can improve your chances of successfully drawing blood. A must-watch for all health professionals who need to collect blood from patients.


Portrait of Marcella Dean
Marcella Dean

Marcella Dean has been employed in the health sector for more than 30 years, initially as a Division 2 nurse and then predominantly in pathology. Within this specialty area she has held a number of positions and undertaken a range of roles including collection, management, staff training, professional supervision and course development within pathology branches, major hospitals and academic settings. Marcella is currently the course coordinator for Certificate IV in pathology at Kangan Institute. Marcella has a diploma in Vocational Education and Training and is passionate about teaching students to become competent and caring collectors. She continues to work part time as a collector, as she believe it is important to stay in touch at the “coalface” to ensure that the students learning exceeds industry expectations. See Educator Profile