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There are four major electrolytes in the body that are essential to maintaining homeostasis. In particular, these four play an essential role in cardiac function. Join Sue de Muelenaere for a comprehensive refresher on electrolytes, and what can go wrong when they're out of balance.


Sue de Muelenaere

Sue de Muelenaere is a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years’ experience as a nurse educator. Sue completed a five-year bachelor of nursing degree in South Africa, which included training in psychiatric and community nursing and midwifery. Since then, Sue has worked extensively in the intensive care environment, during which she has presented various courses, including an honour’s degree, a diploma in intensive care, and various short cardiac and ECG courses. Sue also holds an honour’s degree in advanced nursing science (intensive care nursing) and diplomas in nursing education and nursing administration. She was the education manager in a specialised heart hospital where she was responsible for the education of all hospital staff, including non-nursing staff members. Sue is passionate about teaching. She maintains a special interest in all aspects of nursing the critically ill patient.




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Great presenter. Very concise. My only wish is that it was longer.

Travis Simms
05 Jan 2019

This topics was really interesting and very helpful. Thank you.

16 Nov 2018


Peter Thompson
17 Aug 2018

She was an engaging and informative educator

Wendy Boehringer
06 Aug 2018

I found the tutorial interesting and not to complicated.

Kelly Wright
17 Jul 2018


Kimberly Hall
25 Jun 2018

Very comphrensive education

Wendy Tattam
21 Jun 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this presentation. I believe I definitely took away valuable learning tools

Claire banaghan
31 May 2018

Interesting, thx

Gabriella stuart
30 May 2018

Interesting session

Wilma Barnes
29 May 2018

This lecturer is awesome makes sense in her style of teaching

Penelope Sullivan
29 May 2018

I have enjoy listening to lecture as I'm can stop and go back to read what the lecture said.

Tina Stewart
29 May 2018

Very informative and educational. Really enjoyed this lecture. Thank you!

Carey-Ann Sym
28 May 2018

Very informative.

Ruth Curtis
25 May 2018


Nicole bethell
22 May 2018

Great lecture on the functions of the four most important electrolytes in the body, the implications of electrolyte imbalances & how to manage these.

Camilla Maree Govan
22 May 2018

Clinical teaching was excellent.

Julie Byard
21 May 2018

Great lecture, easy to follow, useful information.

Charmain Hatch
17 May 2018


James Shattock
10 May 2018

A great clear presentation as an introduction to electrolytes and their use within the body as well as causes and treatments of imbalances.

Sarah Thompson
09 May 2018

Very informative, I really value Sue’s knowledge and skills in transferring it.

Kristy Nivison
08 May 2018


Susan Mayne
08 May 2018

Very good

Kimberley Kozumplik
07 May 2018

The Educator was engaging and I would be keen to watch more lectures from her.

Nichole Dutschke
05 May 2018

Very Interesting information concerning the 4 major Electrolytes and their impact on bodily functions, engaging educator.

Nichole Dutschke
05 May 2018

Very informative. Going to watch it again!

Candace Pederson
05 May 2018


Lisa Stinchcombe
04 May 2018

The educator was very clear and direct in delivering the lecture

Deborah Truskett
04 May 2018

Very relevant to my practice

Dorothy Bardoutsos
03 May 2018

Amazing lecture!! I have beed struggling with action potentials and this has cleared it all up.

Emma Mincher-Jones
02 May 2018

Topic is well explained.

Dolores Santos
01 May 2018

Good source of learning

Hanna Forrest
01 May 2018

So fascinating this chemistry topic and the importance of these four main electrolytes

John Mitchell
01 May 2018

The educator clearly presented the topic.

Lourdes Ingebrigtsen
30 Apr 2018

I always find this educator clear and very knowledgable

Blue Stockmann
30 Apr 2018

To the point and very informative

Rupinder Kaur Brar
29 Apr 2018

Clear presentation of the role electrolytes play in maintaining homeostasis and causes and treatment of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium imbalances.

Pietryna Duch
28 Apr 2018

This subject was well explained and well covered by this educator.

Jennifer Margaret Polglase
28 Apr 2018

It is so clear that the video materials in the uni should be replaced.

Zhimin Zhang
24 Apr 2018

Very informative and clear

Paola Janine Elizabette Maagad Arandil
24 Apr 2018

Clear, concise and easy to understand.

Jillian McCluand
23 Apr 2018

Good lecture

Karen Rose Camat
21 Apr 2018

Great lecture, very easy to follow.

Jayme Leonard
21 Apr 2018

The lecturer certainly knew her stuff. Thanks for imparting it to me.

jennifer Brown
20 Apr 2018

The easily understandable presentation, with emphasis on the important aspects of the topic is very helpful in appreciating it's relevance to patient conditions and care.

Daria Bayawa
16 Apr 2018


Edmond Thaw
15 Apr 2018

Great explanation on this topic! It was easy to understand.

Melissa Henaway
13 Apr 2018

Great resource!

Emily Claire
12 Apr 2018

Very well presented.

Maree Findlay
12 Apr 2018

Very informative and refreshing

Rajwinder Kaur
10 Apr 2018

I found this to be well explained and the content is relevent.

Hayley Quinlan
07 Apr 2018

Very informative

Agnes Asbury
07 Apr 2018

Clear & very informative.

polmar dayal
06 Apr 2018

So very informative and clearly presented making it easy to understand. This educator clearly very knowledgeable concerning the subject she is teaching and she had my attention throughout.

Andreas Waltmann
06 Apr 2018

the educator was engaging.

Sadia ibrahim
06 Apr 2018

A very informative refresher

Adam Whitemore
06 Apr 2018

This was an engaging presentation on a reasonably complex subject.

Karen Saunders
04 Apr 2018


Soumyamol Binesh
04 Apr 2018


Susannah Maher
03 Apr 2018

the video was good

Cheryl Carpenter
03 Apr 2018


Donna Brown
03 Apr 2018

A great refresher....

Cathleen Carey
03 Apr 2018

Very informative , easy to follow, concise.

Wilhelmina Tenkate
30 Mar 2018

Excellent delivery. Presenter was very knowledgeable so far as the topic is concern.

Edith Nkwenty
30 Mar 2018

Large topic with a lots of good information.

Edwina Harleyson
29 Mar 2018

Bit confusing I have seen topic explained with more ease however very knowledgeable

Vicki files
29 Mar 2018

Bit confusing I have seen topic explained with more ease however very knowledgeable

Vicki files
29 Mar 2018

Well presented and informative

Michele Selby
28 Mar 2018

Direct info simply said

Christine E Fletcher
27 Mar 2018


alisdair alisdair
23 Mar 2018

Very informative resource

Lisa Lising Reyes
21 Mar 2018

Very helpful information relevant to my practice

Wadzana Nollie HWATA
21 Mar 2018

This was a very good video it explained complex concepts very clearly and in detailed. Breaks down the basics of the ECG and the function of the main electrolytes K, Mg, Ca and Na. Loved it!

Dasunika Tennakoon
21 Mar 2018

This was a very informative and easy to understand presentation. Thank you.

Jenna snell
21 Mar 2018

Very interesting and helpful topic. Sue is very good at explaining this topic.

Rhonda Graham
20 Mar 2018

Highly informative and precise. Explains a lot of questions.

Jennifer Unicomb
20 Mar 2018

Very good lecture,

Rozelle Bartlet
19 Mar 2018

This is the advanced knowledge of the four main electrolytes that I have been searching for. Thanks for the timely delivery! It is an amazing, fantastic presentation!

Jenna He
18 Mar 2018

Excellent refresher....good analogies to understand a difficult topic

Lauren Marriott
18 Mar 2018

A good concise and interesting lecture.

Sarah Moore
16 Mar 2018

Very easy to understand. I liked the way she Re iterated information and linked it Im with real scenarios.

Sarah McLellan
16 Mar 2018

Good information presented

Emma Manuel
16 Mar 2018

was good in explaining how all the electrolytes work together to maintain healthy body systems

cathleen Farewell
15 Mar 2018

A very valuable input, some knowledge items were of a fresher view and some items afforded me some further understanding of these important issues.

Geraldine luker
15 Mar 2018

This was a very interesting and informative topic. The educator was very good.

Janice Belskyj
14 Mar 2018

Very deep and complex lecture , would like to learn more about it.

Kriebel felicja
13 Mar 2018

make good sense of the importance that we need to know about electrolytes.

Lei Zhang
12 Mar 2018

Easy to follow as lecturer used plain Engish.

Beatriz olivera
12 Mar 2018

Great video that improved my understanding

Zena Smith
12 Mar 2018

Great re inforcemeny if current knowledge

Debra joy fletcher
11 Mar 2018

Excellent lecture, very knowledgeable lecturer and very interesting all round.

Vanessa Rudman
10 Mar 2018

Excellent lecture, extremely knowledgeable lecturer and very interesting to listen to.

Vanessa Rudman
10 Mar 2018

Very knowledgeable lecturer

Michelle Silva
10 Mar 2018

Really well presented lecture. Easy to follow and kept up my interest throughout.

Assumpta Walker
09 Mar 2018

Interesting and well presented lecture

Ellie Woods
09 Mar 2018

Good basic refresher lecture on a very important topic.

Rhonda Briggs
09 Mar 2018