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Considered one of the biggest developments in medical research, this session introduces the revolutionary concept of the relationship between gut health and mental health. Geoffrey Ahern gives some practical examples of how making very small changes to your diet can have a profound impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing.

Recorded: 30 May 2017


Engaging and informative -- 15 Jun 2018
Very very interesting, beneficial and achievable to implement. -- 26 Apr 2018
Great lecture once again from Geoff. Informative and relevant. Great to see nutrition is finally being put into the spotlight in relation to health, particularly plant based nutrition which is gaining more attention and appraisal. -- 13 Apr 2018
Excellent and highly relevant presentation. Food for thought. -- 07 Apr 2018
Fascinating lecture, well presented and highly relevant. Well done! -- 07 Apr 2018
This was very good, interesting and highly relevant to healthcare. -- 07 Apr 2018
Excellent -- 26 Mar 2018
Interesting and informative presentation. Presenter is engaging. -- 18 Mar 2018
Very informative and interesting -- 28 Dec 2017
well presented -- 24 Dec 2017
I thought the presenter was engaging and delivered the content in an animated fashion I would certainly recommend this lecture to other health professionals -- 18 Oct 2017


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