Lecture Overview

In this longer presentation, Dr Ben Kroon covers the subject of fertility problems and pregnancy. A true interdisciplinary presentation delivered by a Gynaecologist, aimed at midwives, this informative and in-depth discussion will enhance your understanding of fertility, infertility, and the treatment options for women who have struggled to conceive.


Ben Kroon

Ben is a Brisbane based obstetrician and gynaecologist with a subspecialty in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. He is clinical director of The Fertility Centre and co-director of Eve Health, a large obstetric and gynaecological group practice.




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Very well presented

gillian homan
24 Nov 2018

Very informative lecture

Emily Gillies
11 Oct 2018


Jessica Gray
29 May 2018

Good introduction to fertility issues and solutions

Janet O'Toole
27 May 2018


Katherine Hepworth
26 May 2018

i enjoyed this lecture and found it very helpful

Sarah Peacock
08 May 2018

Great overview and enhances understanding re issues women face re fertility.

Judy Applegarth
06 May 2018

Interesting and well presented

Ruth Fisher
24 Apr 2018

Was very interesting topic.

Kimberly-Anne Conaghan
16 Dec 2017


Rebecca Evans
18 Oct 2017