Falls Risk in the Community

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This lecture follows on from Diana Clayton's lecture, Falls in the Home. Libby Tiller gives an engaging presentation on falls risks in the community and the management techniques we can provide to prevent them.


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Libby Tiller

Libby Tiller is Senior Occupational Therapist with the Community Falls Prevention Team, Peninsula Health. She has worked for 12 years providing home-based falls assessments and participating in multidisciplinary case conferences at falls clinics, as well as providing leadership within the team. Her role also includes raising awareness of falls prevention with Peninsula Health inpatient and community-based staff through education sessions and newsletters. In addition, she delivers falls education to community groups and other community- based service providers on the Mornington Peninsula. See Educator Profile

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First Published15 September 2019
Updated15 September 2019
22 May 2020
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