The Endocrine System Explained

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The endocrine system is a complex set of glands, organs and chemical messengers known as hormones. Understanding it's structure and function is crucial to grasping the regulation of numerous functions within the body.


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Stephen Anderson

Dr Stephen Anderson graduated from the University of Sydney in 1987 with Honours in Agriculture Science, majoring in Animal Science. He then completed a PhD in Endocrinology in the Department of Physiology at the University of New England. In 1993 Stephen moved to the University of Queensland as a Specialist Tutor in Physiology, before doing post-doctoral work on National Health and Medical Research Council research projects. From 2000 Stephen has held a number of academic positions at UQ and is currently Senior Lecturer in Physiology in the School of Biomedical Sciences. During his academic career Stephen has taught many biomedical science courses in Science, Biomedical Science, Health Sciences (Dentistry, Exercise Science, Human Movement, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology), Veterinary Science and Animal Science programs. He has been the recipient of teaching awards at university and national level. Some of Stephen's current research interests include metabolism, insulin resistance, type II diabetes, fatty liver haemorrhagic syndrome, reproductive endocrinology, fertility and neuroendocrinology. See Educator Profile

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First Published14 September 2017
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16 December 2018
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