Emotional Intelligence

12m of CPD
Ilze Jaunberzins
17 July 2017

Don’t let your emotional brain control your actions and reactions in the workplace. Understand how to develop emotional intelligence and a positive sense of self, and how this can positively affect yours and your team’s performance at work.


Ilze Jaunberzins


Ilze is the Principal of PowerMind Life and Leadership Coaching, a science-based coaching practice. She is also a highly experienced nurse, manager and educator. Ilze is dynamic and passionate about leaders being effective; not busy, but effective and confident. Be prepared for a lively two days of inspiration and learning.


Megan Loveday31 May 2018
great presentation

Teresa Perry11 Mar 2018
Really useful presentation

Teresa Perry11 Mar 2018
Really good presentation for self-reflection and change

Samantha Rimmer Hannan13 Oct 2017
She helps your reflect and how to improve yourself and others in a clinical environment

Zoe Holding04 Oct 2017
Thank you

Phillip Au13 Sep 2017
Learning that I can make a conscious decision rather than an emotional one

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