Resilience – are we born with it or does it develop? It’s recognised to help us adapt positively to stress, recover from trauma and grow and develop through adversity. In this presentation, Jane Stanfield introduces the concept or resilience and how you can learn to bounce-back from hardships faced in practice and in your personal life.

Recorded: 22 Oct 2017


I think this is a very valuable but sadly underrated subject. Clear, concise and very well presented. -- 27 Mar 2018
That was wonderful This presenter has an ability to link theory to practice effortlessly A real skill -- 27 Mar 2018
This lecture was very educational and practical, useful to everyone. -- 26 Mar 2018
Really helpful information -- 25 Mar 2018
The educator was brilliant -- 24 Mar 2018
Very enjoyable. I have incorporated mindfulness into my daily life and have noticed significant health benefits. Thank you -- 24 Mar 2018
Great presentation. I find nursing is becoming more and more stressful. -- 24 Mar 2018
Great -- 23 Mar 2018
Mind and body health is vital in the role of nursing with so many outside stresses -- 23 Mar 2018
Nursing is a stress full job and we are required to use or emotive personality a lot, so when we are tired and stressed this is the are that we tend to respond from. So this resource demonstrated and reiterated that taking time to self care and even just a short time to breath and relax allows nurses time to change from the emotional part of ourselves into the cognitive side thus allowing us to respond from knowledge and not emotion and fear -- 22 Mar 2018
Great review of existing knowledge. -- 22 Mar 2018
Excellent presentation. very helpful -- 22 Mar 2018
very empowering, excellent food for thought -- 22 Mar 2018
very good presenter engaging and charismatic. -- 21 Mar 2018
Great -- 21 Mar 2018
A great summary and reminder of how well we can cope with already existing knowledge, if we just remember to use it -- 21 Mar 2018
So engaging and presented many ideas regarding how to deal with stress. Thank you. -- 20 Mar 2018
Excellent presentation...theory and practice can make us more resilient! -- 18 Mar 2018
Sensational presentation, a warm human description of resilliance and the protection it provides. -- 04 Mar 2018
Really interesting -- 12 Feb 2018
Interesting and informative -- 10 Feb 2018
Very interesting and useful with lots of technical information being honed into Practise -- 29 Dec 2017
very informative -- 23 Dec 2017