Drugs: What's the Harm?

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In this bold talk, Professor Paul Dietze makes his case for an increase in harm reduction strategies in response to drug use in our community. Currently, harm reduction strategies only account for 2% of the drug strategy expenditure. Explore your thoughts on the topic with this thought-provoking talk and find out the best way to address our drug use in Australia.


Portrait of Paul Dietze
Paul Dietze

Professor Paul Dietze is one of Australia’s leading alcohol and other drug epidemiologists with a significant national, and emerging international, profile. With over 17 years’ experience and an outstanding track record in obtaining competitive grants, his work has established internationally innovative surveillance systems and applied research designs that break new ground in the public health research into alcohol and other drug use and related harms in Australia. See Educator Profile

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First Published04 April 2017
Updated04 April 2017
24 June 2018
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