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Barker's Hypothesis states that women are programmed to develop in a certain way according to their mother's, and grandmother's, genetic and environmental upbringing. Does this mean there's any hope for overweight mothers and their babies? In this fascinating and frank talk, Heather Harris explains why weight loss is not always as easy as it seems, and how a high maternal BMI needs to be addressed early in order to avoid disastrous effects on the infant.

Recorded: 04 May 2016


Very well presented. -- 20 Apr 2018
Fabulous presenter and so knowledgeable. Has a way of explaining things in a clear and concise way, with a great understanding regarding the histology of disease. -- 20 Apr 2018
Informative and engaging presenter -- 23 Feb 2018
Interesting. -- 06 Dec 2017
Very interesting -- 31 Oct 2017
Highly recommended. -- 24 Oct 2017


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