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Join Denise Bennetts for this no-frills, informative overview of type 1 diabetes. Covers the complete overview of Australia's fastest growing chronic condition, including diagnosis, hypo/hyperglycaemic episodes, and HbA1c.


Denise Bennetts

Denise Bennetts is a Clinical Nurse Consultant and credentialled Diabetes Educator at a Tertiary Hospital in Brisbane. She has previously held the QLD Branch Chair position for the Australian Diabetes Educator Association. Denise received the ‘Best Novice Presenter’ Award at the 2014 Australian Diabetes National Conference. Denise has a Bachelor of Education and possesses an enthusiasm for education of nurses and patients about the management of chronic disease.




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Really informative and the speaker was engaging

Claire Parry
13 Jan 2019

It was great to be able to access diabetes type 1 specific education as it is often vastly under represented in diabetic education with the bulk of diabetic education being related more towards type 2 diabetes which is a preventable diseases unlike diabetes type 1 which is autoimmune related.

Rosemary Ireland
01 Jan 2019

Excellent information and great explainations. Thank you.

Kerrie Myhill
17 Sep 2018

Great presentation

Robyn Lee Green
18 Sep 2017

Enjoyed the lecture excellent overview

Jennifer soutar
18 Aug 2017

Gained excellent insght regarding Diabetes clasification, especifically regarding Type 1 Diabetes, diagnosis, complications, management and nsulin treatment options, injections and pumps, costs and risks, pancreas response. Excellent overview.

Lida Munoz
16 Aug 2017