Diabetes Management in Prison

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Imagine being incarcerated and having your insulin taken from you at the door. After years of self-managing your condition and being in a routine, your independence and ability to control your life-threatening illness is suddenly removed. This is they very stark reality that people suffering from diabetes face when imprisoned. In this bold and frank talk, Raquel How makes her case for why it is so important that all prisoners be able to self-manage their diabetes, and how we can best manage this chronic, large-scale disease in Corrections.


Portrait of Raquel How
Raquel How

Raquel is currently a Nurse Practitioner (Primary Health Care) with Prison Health Services, West Moreton Hospital and Health Services. Raquel started her nursing career 1999 as a general medical nurse and has developed a keen interest in emergency nursing, rural and remote nursing and correctional nursing. She has obtained several postgraduate qualifications which have allowed her the opportunity to teach undergraduate nursing students at Queensland University of Technology. See Educator Profile