Current Challenges in Allergy Management

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There is a plethora of new evidence relating to allergies, their diagnosis and their management. However, the sheer ease of which people can find and share information through the internet and social media means that health professionals are often confronted with people who have received advice lacking substantial evidence. This session will discuss what this means for current practice.


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Leanne Boase

Leanne Boase is a nurse practitioner with a background in critical care and paediatrics. She currently practices across three GP clinics in Melbourne. She has also built, owned and operated her own GP practice and is now a director of the Prime Medical Property Group, developing and building properties in the health sector. Leanne also does business planning and is the author of 'Medical Business Management', aimed at assisting health professionals to start their own businesses. Leanne is the current president and a fellow of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners. She works as a casual academic. Her qualifications include a master of nursing (nurse practitioner) and a master of health science (education). See Educator Profile

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First Published15 November 2018
Updated15 November 2018
18 July 2019
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