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Lecture Overview

The practice of controlled crying has long been a hotly-debated issue amongst parents and health professionals alike. But what does the evidence say? Does this contentious parenting technique actually cause long-term harm to infants? Join Michele Meehan for this fascinating look into infant self-regulation, and make up your mind on whether this technique should be used or not.


Portrait of Michele Meehan
Michele Meehan

Michele Meehan is a Maternal and Child Health Nurse currently working in her private practice, 'Parenting Matters', and lecturing on child health topics. Prior to this, she worked for 30years at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, as a Clinical Nurse Consultant. Michele holds a Master’s Degree in Health Science - Parent and Infant Mental Health, and wrote her minor thesis on the topic of 'Infant food refusal'. Her qualifications also include midwifery, community health nursing, health education and counselling and psychotherapy. See Educator Profile


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Barbara Clare Affleck
26 May 2019

Thought provoking

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Patricia Gardner
26 May 2019

I felt this lecture put down parents who used controlled crying but I feel in some cases it is necessary. The presentation was average.

Portrait of Sandra Brimelow
Sandra Brimelow
22 May 2019

In agreeance with Michelle Meehan. Babies and children require responsiveness. Waking in the night will occur for many reasons, and controlled crying is not always the answer or suitable option.

Generic portrait
Caroline Bury
12 May 2019

This piece was very against controlled crying. It is an Australian presenter who didn’t refer to any research undertaken by renowned psychologist Jane Fisher with whom is a member of my workplace team.

Generic portrait
Noeleen Hale
28 Apr 2019

food for thought

Portrait of Joanne Horne
Joanne Horne
27 Mar 2019

Found this gave me new incites and reinforced some basic understanding I had of this topic.

Generic portrait
Ruth Fisher
20 Apr 2018

Interesting topic

Generic portrait
Maree Findlay
16 Apr 2018

Very good

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Total Rating(s)  10
Published02 May 2017
Expires 20 July 2019
Maternal and Child Health
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