Colorectal Surgery: Challenges and Complications

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Lecture Overview

Surgery for colorectal cancer is a common treatment path. This session reviews the types of colorectal surgery most commonly performed and focuses on how to assess, manage, and treat common associated complications.


Portrait of Angela Xiriha
Angela Xiriha

Angela Xiriha is a clinical nurse specialist who has worked in the Gastrointestinal Care Centre at St Vincent's Hospital for the past 10 years. Angela holds a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Nursing. In addition to direct patient care, Angela is involved with the coordination and provision of education to nursing staff on her ward. This includes ward-based lectures, practical training, and written educational information for nurses and patients. Angela is passionate about gastrointestinal nursing, education, and providing patient-centred care. See Educator Profile

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First Published18 February 2019
Updated18 February 2019
20 June 2021
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