In this advanced practice presentation, suitable for Nurse Practitioners and other advanced practice clinicians, Dr Jenny Gowan uses case studies to highlight the complexities faced by healthcare professionals in managing patients according to relevant guidelines. Focusing on heart failure and COPD guidelines, test your knowledge and skill and see if you can crack the case...

Recorded: 22 Mar 2018


dfgd -- 21 May 2018
Very informative. -- 19 May 2018
Highly informative, and an engaging lecture. -- 19 May 2018
Highly informative and enjoyable lecture. -- 19 May 2018
Very well presented session -- 19 May 2018
Good case studies of Chronic Health Management and how important it is to have good coordination of care between health professionals. -- 17 May 2018
Very informative -- 17 May 2018
It has been a very informative session. -- 17 May 2018
Exc ellent presentation made more interesting by care studies which show how medications interact -- 16 May 2018
Great presentation. very informative -- 16 May 2018
Educational -- 16 May 2018
Interesting! -- 16 May 2018
Good -- 16 May 2018
Better understanding ofcomplex Issues -- 15 May 2018
The Educator was engaging at times but the topic was a bit dry. -- 13 May 2018
The session was informative. From listening to the presenter and the auto generated reflection this was aimed at senior clinicians at the level of Nurse Practitioner. However there was useful information to assist the average RN/EN. I would like to see my organisation invite patients/clients to share their journey but also see grand rounds introduced. -- 13 May 2018
Excellent -- 12 May 2018
To be honest a little static, and the blood pressure part needs updating -- 12 May 2018
Interesting -- 11 May 2018
Appropriate and useful information to know within my field of nursing -- 11 May 2018


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