Caught in the Crossfire? Children and Catastrophes

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Lecture Overview

What is known about the way children experience trauma? How are they affected? Is it different to adults? Are children more susceptible to long-term affects, such as those associated with disasters? Dr Lyn O'Grady gives an overview of the evidence and offers a number of practical ways this knowledge can be translated into nursing practice.


Portrait of Lyn O'Grady
Lyn O'Grady

Dr. Lyn O'Grady is a Community Psychologist with a particular interest in the mental health and wellbeing of children, young people and families. This interest has extended in recent times to understanding suicidality and she completing her final year of the Master of Suicidology at Griffith University. Lyn’s work history has included roles within the education, health and community sectors. She has worked with parents in parenting programs, individually at the community level and in schools for over 20 years. Lyn also worked as a school psychologist in the Western Metropolitan Region of Melbourne, including managing critical incidents in schools for the region. Lyn has also volunteered with the Red Cross following natural disasters and other events providing wellbeing support to field staff. At a more systemic level, she currently works as the National Project Manager for KidsMatter at the Australian Psychological Society. See Educator Profile