The Danger of Anaemia in Older Adults

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Lecture Overview

The challenge of anaemia in older adults is that early signs may be missed due to the assumption that it's just due to age. This can then lead to serious complications of anaemia, which may be harder to treat. Join Christine Akers as she explores the complex nature of disease in our older population.


Portrait of Christine Akers
Christine Akers

Christine Akers worked in oncology and haematology for 12 years prior to becoming the Transfusion Nurse at Alfred Health in 2004. During this time she worked in a number of roles, including Nurse Manager for 2 years. Christine has continued to work in the Transfusion Nurse role at Alfred Health and in 2014 she took on the role of Transfusion Nurse for the Blood Matters program. Christine now works 2 days a week at Alfred Health and 3 days a week at Blood Matters. Christine undertook a basic cancer nursing course at Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in 1991 and has completed the graduate certificate in nursing science – apheresis via Adelaide University in 2003 and the Graduate Certificate in Transfusion Practice in 2005, now run by Melbourne University. See Educator Profile