The challenge of anaemia in older adults is that early signs may be missed due to the assumption that it's just due to age. This can then lead to serious complications of anaemia, which may be harder to treat. Join Christine Akers as she explores the complex nature of disease in our older population.

Recorded: 02 Nov 2017


Good information -- 18 Apr 2018
Interesting and relevant to caring for elderly patients and improving their health outcomes. This is an area that could be overlooked due to the aging process.Thankyou. -- 05 Apr 2018
good presentation -- 29 Mar 2018
Informative -- 25 Mar 2018
A succinct and informative talk. Very helpful -- 02 Dec 2017
Good information. -- 23 Nov 2017
The educator provided a good understanding of the topic, allowing me to understand what was being spoken about well. -- 22 Nov 2017
Informative -- 22 Nov 2017


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