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Is there a safe level of alcohol? Despite what our societal values may tell us, the answer may surprise you. Alcohol is an incredibly toxic substance that affects our bodies at a cellular level. Join Jana Van der Jagt as she explains the basics of alcohol intake on our livers.

Recorded: 17 Sep 2017


Very informative lecture -- 30 May 2018
Good -- 21 May 2018
Detailed account of effects of alcohol on the liver. Informative but mostly read from slides so not very engaging -- 19 May 2018
Good presentation -- 16 May 2018
Informative -- 03 May 2018
Informative -- 01 May 2018
Brief but formative! -- 22 Apr 2018
Was informative. -- 11 Apr 2018
Relevant information as alcohol is so prevalent in our society. -- 25 Mar 2018
A good starting point for understanding the progression of alcohol induced liver disease and useful for educating patients. -- 21 Feb 2018
Very interesting to know what is happening on a cellular level to the person with the illness. Will start to improve my ability to communicate better with the Doctor and further improve my understanding of pathology results. -- 14 Feb 2018
Really interesting -- 14 Feb 2018
Lots of very technical information which was interesting but not really what I required - I was looking for information that could provide simple patient education -- 31 Dec 2017
This was a very interesting lecture and my knowledge was updated on the current alcohol intake guidelines and stages of liver disease. -- 31 Dec 2017


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