Treasure McGuire
12 February 2018

What are the Effects of Ageing on Medicines?

Ageing is inevitable. But just how do these physiological changes affect the growing list of medications that we take as we get older? In this informative and educational talk, Dr Treasure McGuire takes us through the common effects of ageing, and how these declines and changes affect the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of medications.


Treasure McGuire


Dr Treasure McGuire is a medicines information pharmacist, pharmacologist, educator, and researcher. As assistant director of pharmacy, Mater Health Services, she manages their academic practice unit. She is also a senior conjoint lecturer in the School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland and associate professor of pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Bond University, where she lectures on complementary medicines, reproductive health, medication safety, and communicable diseases. In recognition of her services to medicines information, she received the Lilly International Fellowship in Hospital Pharmacy and the Bowl of Hygeia of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.


28 May 2018
Concise, well presented lecture.
05 May 2018
More nurses and doctors need to know this.
03 May 2018
Interesting facts
29 Apr 2018
Useful and informative.
26 Apr 2018
Short, sweet, to the point.
24 Apr 2018
Very informative
15 Apr 2018
Dr McGuire was very informative however was also able to present data in a simplified manner. I would view this lecture again and recommend it to my colleagues
15 Apr 2018
Wonderful presenter. Makes it very clear and concise to understand Thankyou so much Dr McGuire
15 Apr 2018
Very intersting and informative.
15 Apr 2018
Very interesting and informative. It gave me a better understanding of how our ageing bodies affect the medications we take and how medications affect our ageing bodies.
13 Apr 2018
Very good presentation
07 Apr 2018
05 Apr 2018
29 Mar 2018
Informative and concise.
26 Mar 2018
Very interesting
25 Mar 2018
Very informative and interesting topics been discussed .
23 Mar 2018
Excellent, especially if you work in aged care.
13 Mar 2018
Very useful information
11 Mar 2018
Excellent presentation which was very well explained.
11 Mar 2018
Fabulous presentation and explained so well
01 Mar 2018
very informative!!!!
27 Feb 2018
Good info, easy to understand
26 Feb 2018
A brief clip that repeats the longer lecture about risks of polypharmacy and older patients and the risks of falls in this population. Too brief to make sense of this topic on its own, but a good recap of the longer version.
22 Feb 2018
Not quite as cohesive as some other lectures. Didn’t stay within topic boundary
16 Feb 2018
Informative and to the point. I am able to use the information to understand the patients and their meds.
15 Feb 2018
Good resource, great infomation!!
15 Feb 2018
Great knowledge base.
14 Feb 2018
Excellent presentation.
13 Feb 2018
Brief and concise.
13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018
A good refresher

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