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Falls are a major cause of catastrophic injury for older people and can often result in hospitalisation and extended stays, putting them at further risk of falls. This engaging session gives a thorough overview of the standards relating to falls in older people as well as risk factors and evidence-based approaches to prevention.

Recorded: 06 Dec 2017


very good -- 30 May 2018
Excellent -- 13 May 2018
Very practical -- 10 May 2018
Well presented talk about falls and all key points covered thoroughly. -- 10 May 2018
Very clearly presented- thank-you -- 08 May 2018
Easy listening -- 08 May 2018
Good information -- 06 May 2018
Very interesting and I am able to take some of the information and put it into my nursing practise. Stephanie a very good presenter. -- 13 Apr 2018
Informative -- 30 Mar 2018
Excellent. Gives a lot of practical applications to prevent falls and improve nursing care. -- 25 Mar 2018
Very informative and practical. Lots of great statistical evidence and life experience tips. Excellent educator with sincere enthusiasm. -- 24 Mar 2018
Fabulous presenter - used the slides as prompts, not a script -- 05 Mar 2018
I recommend this education to other health professionals -- 23 Feb 2018
Extremely practical and easy suggestions to implement. It has created and reinforced a greater awareness on falls, times and places they occur, and those patients at higher risk -- 21 Feb 2018
Learned new ideas to prevent fall of people especially aged peoples.This session was good.well explained with relevant examples that’s make this topic more cleared. -- 04 Feb 2018
Excellent speaker.Valuble VLA -- 02 Feb 2018
Engaging speaker,excellent lecture with simple strategies for preventing falls -- 02 Feb 2018
Great revision and also I needed information on the National Standards for Accrediation -- 01 Feb 2018
Informative -- 23 Jan 2018
Staffing levels must be a factor in falls. -- 21 Jan 2018
Great session. Very informative, practical and gives simple yet effective strategies to provide better patient care and reduce falls. -- 19 Jan 2018
I found the speaker enthusiastic and engaging. Very passionate and will take back some ideas to my organisation to change and improve how we reduce and manage falls in our hospital -- 17 Jan 2018