A Spotlight on Falling to the Ground

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Falls are a major cause of catastrophic injury for older people and can often result in hospitalisation and extended stays, putting them at further risk of falls. This engaging session gives a thorough overview of the standards relating to falls in older people as well as risk factors and evidence-based approaches to prevention.


Portrait of Stephanie Gettens
Stephanie Gettens

Stephanie is a registered nurse and has a background in general medicine and trauma orthopaedics. Her interest in falls prevention resulted in a position as a falls resource nurse providing support and education to the staff and patients on falls prevention initiatives. This lead to a position as a Principal Project Officer where she is responsible for supporting and coordinating National Standard 8 - Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries and Standard 10 – Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls for Queensland Hospital and Health Services. Stephanie has recently completed a Masters of Philosophy researching the impact falling has on patients’ in an acute care facility. See Educator Profile

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First Published08 January 2018
Updated08 January 2018
06 December 2019
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