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Lecture Overview

Stuart Fenton shares his powerful story of how he became a regular drug user and subsequent methamphetamine addict, and the long journey to abstinence and recovery. With the help and support of a 12 Step abstinence program, Stuart managed to make a full recovery and now counsels other addicts to help them on the same path. This moving presentation is not one to be missed for any health professional.


Portrait of Stuart Fenton
Stuart Fenton

Stuart Fenton is a clinical psychotherapist and counsellor who has over ten years of experience working in the addiction treatment field. Originally, Stu was a high school teacher before entering the addiction/recovery area. Stu completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, specialising in addiction, self-esteem and group work. He then completed a four-year master's qualification in gestalt therapy and is currently studying to become a certified sex addiction therapist. Stu has worked in a wide range of settings, from residential long-term and short-term rehabilitation, public and private sector rehabilitation, community health centres in both addiction and family violence, outreach and GLBTI services. His varied roles have mostly been in the areas of chemical and process addictions, GLBTI issues, codependence issues, family interventions and sex and love addiction. He’s concurrently built a private psychotherapy practice in both Sydney and Melbourne. He has held positions as a group facilitator, crisis counsellor, and senior recovery therapist at facilitates, including The WHO’s Therapeutic Community for men (Gunyah), South Pacific Private Hospital in Sydney, Malvern Private Hospital in Melbourne, and Riverside Clinic in Kyneton, Victoria. Recently, Stu accepted a position at The Cabin, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.   Acclaimed for being the first psychotherapist in Australia who has rehabilitated from the drug "crystal meth" and gone on to become an accomplished worker and professional in the field, Stu has appeared on several television shows, including documentaries and in numerous newspaper articles.   In 2015, Stu was invited to present at Ausmed Education's inaugural Breaking Point – Ice & Methamphetamine Conference held in Creswick, a regional town in Victoria. His session “From Addiction to a New Life” chronicled his journey from a crystal methamphetamine addict to psychotherapist. The reception to his presentation was so positive that Stu has since been invited to be the keynote speaker at the same conference in many locations around Australia. Having impacted 650+ Australian health professionals to date, Stu has played a key role in promoting recovery, empathetic care, and reducing stigma associated with an ice addition.  See Educator Profile


8 Total Rating(s)
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Patricia Gardner
06 May 2019

I find this type of learning so easy to listen to. Personal experiences and motivational speakers. This speaker was excellent. I learnt so much.

Portrait of Trinity Flynn
Trinity Flynn
29 Nov 2018

Great insight for the clinician looking in

Portrait of Emily Ravaillion
Emily Ravaillion
18 Jun 2018

Very motivational I really liked hearing a personal situation that shows that people can beat addiction. Very reassuring.

Generic portrait
Gwenneth flaherty
03 Dec 2017

Positive uplifting educational

Portrait of Emily Gillies
Emily Gillies
24 Nov 2017

Great lecture!

Generic portrait
Petra Wollermann
21 Nov 2017

Great insight

Generic portrait
Jodie Peasley
10 Nov 2017

I enjoyed hearing personal insight from a person who has lived with drug addiction.

Portrait of Jane Smith
Jane Smith
10 Nov 2017

Fantastic lecture, well worth watching.

Generic portrait
dinia hipolito
24 Jul 2017

This surely will lead to a more fruitful tomorrow for the once drug user and recovered very well to help the society.