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Stuart Fenton shares his powerful story of how he became a regular drug user and subsequent methamphetamine addict, and the long journey to abstinence and recovery. With the help and support of a 12 Step abstinence program, Stuart managed to make a full recovery and now counsels other addicts to help them on the same path. This moving presentation is not one to be missed for any health professional.

Recorded: 01 Dec 2015


Positive uplifting educational -- 03 Dec 2017
Great lecture! -- 24 Nov 2017
Great insight -- 21 Nov 2017
I enjoyed hearing personal insight from a person who has lived with drug addiction. -- 10 Nov 2017
Fantastic lecture, well worth watching. -- 10 Nov 2017
This surely will lead to a more fruitful tomorrow for the once drug user and recovered very well to help the society. -- 24 Jul 2017