Empathy and developing rapport, whilst maintaining boundaries with those in your care, can be the key to lasting change. Geoff Ahern explains why care must be non-judgemental for people who have a dependence, and what to do when withdrawal isn't always successful.

Recorded: 21 Sep 2017


Very knowledgeable presenter and male made the presentation engaging and interesting. -- 22 Apr 2018
Excellent presentation from Geoffrey. Interesting and never boring. -- 11 Apr 2018
A very interesting and insightful lecture. It left me thinking who i can improve my oen self care techiniques. -- 30 Mar 2018
Very interesting and charismatic presenter but I was aware of the information he provided already -- 31 Dec 2017
Very interesting and I will visit so to increase my self care -- 21 Nov 2017
Great lecture! -- 19 Nov 2017