Hypoglycaemia Treatment and Management



It's good to think of the rule of 15. It will help you to remember the correct treatment of a hypo. Treating hypos is logical if you remember you are treating low blood glucose. It is not low blood sugar - there is no such thing as blood sugar. It's low blood glucose. So, the first thing we would do is check the blood glucose level. Our initial treatment is always the same and that is replacing low blood glucose with glucose, and that is something like 15 grams of glucose powder or glucose gel, glucose jelly beans or a glucose liquid, like Lucozade. Our second rule is to check the blood glucose levels 15 minutes after the initial treatment. If blood glucose levels are rising we would follow that up with a 15 gram snack. If it has not moved then we will repeat the first-line treatment of glucose.
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First Published10 August 2019
Updated10 August 2019
10 August 2022
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