Free Hand Hygiene Module

To ensure all health professionals are best prepared to contain the spread of coronavirus, we at Ausmed have made our Hand Hygiene Module free. We invite you to undertake this 40 minute module.


AVPU Assessment: A rapid assessment tool that is utilised in the healthcare field to measure conscious state is the AVPU scale. A stands for Alert: The client is aware of the environment and is opening their eyes spontaneously. V stands for Verbal: The client’s eyes do not open spontaneously, rather their eyes open in response to a verbal stimulus directed towards them. P stands for Pain: The client's eyes do not open spontaneously or to verbal stimuli, the patient will only respond to painful stimuli directed towards them. A pain stimulus includes touch and if still no response, the health professional can attempt other painful stimuli such as the trapezius squeeze. U stands for Unresponsive: The client is not responding spontaneously, or to verbal or painful stimuli (Romanelli & Farrell 2019).