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Rebecca Vallee


Bec Vallee is a Nurse Educator with a diverse background in both general medical nursing and advanced chronic conditions management. Bec is in the process of completing her Master of Public Health through the University of Queensland and has recently obtained a post graduate diploma of International Health and Development. With a current portfolio of 350 nursing staff Bec has a strong passion on leadership, mentorship and preceptorship development across the health organisation. Bec, along with the invaluable support of her team have initiated a unique set of student and all level of staff coaching programs, workshops and ‘at the bedside’ tools that empower nurses to strive for excellence in their teaching, communication and leadership skills. Building positive and sustainable teams is central to her worth ethic and Bec believes that every nurse is a role model that can shape the future of nursing. Energy and a drive for personal and professional development keeps Bec ensuring that operationally she has oversight of her team while also working on the clinical floor to live out her work values in the clinical and leadership domain.