1h 10m
Graeme Dennerstein
23 Aug 2017

Understanding Vulval and Vaginal Health

This Course provides comprehensive information about a range of complex conditions affecting the vulva and vagina, including treatment options for these conditions.


Describe disorders of the female genitalia


Identify and describe the clinical features of common disorders of the vulva and vagina


Explain how to prevent disorders of the vulva and vagina from becoming chronic


Graeme Dennerstein

Dr Dennerstein is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with medical expertise in the health of the vulva and vagina. He is the former Head of the Dermo-gynaecology Clinic at The Mercy Hospital for Women and co-author of the book entitled: The Vulva and Vagina Manual. He has lectured extensively on this topic, both internationally and nationally. Graeme has extensive experience in family planning and reproductive health. In 1971 he established the Family Planning and Infertility Clinic at the Western General Hospital in Melbourne, serving as its director until 1986. From 1980 to 1989 he was the Honorary Secretary for the Medical Advisory Committee of the Family Planning Association of Victoria.  He is a member of the Sexual Health Society of Victoria Inc. and is widely published. He has, for example, produced several papers on the use of Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (DMPA).


Candace Pederson27 Jul 2018
Very informative and very thorough.

Tanya Volzke01 Jul 2018
Would like more basic hygiene care advice in this article

Very interesting overview of common gynaelogical infections/conditions.

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very informative and great examples provided visually

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Excellent education for nurses

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Confronting & educational; many thanks

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Great resource

Olivia Collins 29 May 2018
This educator provided extensive knowledge about different conditions that women tend to experience commonly and conditions that are less known about.

Jacelyn Partridge28 May 2018
Really good course!!

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A lot more information than I was expecting

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Helen Cootes28 May 2018
Very basic, fundamentals, but good start.

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Very informative. Thank you.

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Slow but informative

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very good

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This educational video was very informing.

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Jennifer Ryan19 May 2018
A very clinical review of this topic

Eillen Anne (Sandy) Roessler17 May 2018
A very in depth, well handled session on women’s health.

Very clear and educational lecture

Jotara Watson14 May 2018

Janet Shanahan13 May 2018
I now understand the importance of knowledge about women’s sexual health and we need to look after ourselves in all aspects.!!

Sharon Khan09 May 2018
I would recommend this education to other health professionals

Shane Alexandra Canada09 May 2018

Nichole Dutschke09 May 2018
This presentation was excellent, It was extremely comprehensive and delivered in a very sensitive way. The pictorial slides were very helpful.

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Fabulous resource.

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The information was presented in a very clear manner and it was relevant to the topic.

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The topic was very informative.

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Great information.

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informative. It was good to learn new information and reinforce old info.

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very well presented good graphical presentation of the conditions discussed very important topic on FGM

XIAO YANG04 Apr 2018
Good length of presentation and clear structures!

Debbie McKay26 Mar 2018
This topic is of course a great one for females.It saddens me that females still suffer mutilation, and emotional trauma at the hands of others.

Magda Amarasingham25 Mar 2018

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The course is very informative.

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Very informative and would recommend to others. I would suggest, if possible, arrows and circles around the area of concern for all slides if possible.

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Course Overview

Topics include:

  • Incidence of the disorders affecting the vulva and vagina
  • Common disorders and their treatment
  • Female genital mutilation

Target audience

Health professionals caring for women of all ages, and especially those working in women's health, primary practice, paediatrics, and adolescent health.


Enhance knowledge of diseases of the vulva and vagina.


Disorders of the vulval and vagina occur nearly as frequently as pregnancy related disorders. Early detection and intervention can prevent further progression of disease and can provide women with symptomatic relief. As many treatment options are available for vulval and vaginal disorders, health professionals who work with women across the lifespan must first understand what the disorders are and why some treatment options may be more suitable than others.

Health professionals in Australia that are registered with AHPRA are required to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) hours/points each year that relates to their context of practice, in order to comply with mandatory regulatory requirements.

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