Darren Wake
23 May 2016

Loss and Grief

This Course reviews the theoretical and conceptual foundations of the experience of loss and grief and provides a guide for the practical assistance for people who have experienced loss, and those who support them.


Identify the common signs and symptoms of grief


Critically describe two contemporary models of grief


Describe the strategies for supporting those that are experiencing grief


Identify the specific needs of certain groups of grieving persons


Explain the risks posed to those providing support to people that are grieving, and describe strategies to promote professional coping



05 Jul 2018
Great and very informative.
21 Jun 2018
This very a very informative topic and is an area that is so pertinent to nursing.
03 Jun 2018
Very informative. CHEERS
31 May 2018
Lots of content but very useful.
31 May 2018
30 May 2018
maybe to students to gain a broad understanding
30 May 2018
Very good topic.
29 May 2018
29 May 2018
Very informative
28 May 2018
Very informative and easy to listen to
26 May 2018
Very informative
23 May 2018
Refreshing especially acknowledging the grief nurses experience and encounter quite frequently
19 May 2018
Very good presentation.
19 May 2018
Fantastic info
09 May 2018
Good session
08 May 2018
Wonderful educator sharing personal life experience and a very engaging well put together resource.
06 May 2018
great subject. very useful
05 May 2018
This course was very well presented and very informative on the topic of loss and grief. I especially liked that it presented lots of practical strategies to assist those going through or affected by loss and/or grief
02 May 2018
very informative
02 May 2018
good learning
22 Apr 2018
very informative
12 Apr 2018
A very worthwhile course that has been interesting and informative. Highly recommend for colleagues to view.
09 Apr 2018
great site to learn
06 Apr 2018
It is difficult sometimes to handle grieving patients but thanks to this online course; it gives us the information to provide better patient care.
06 Apr 2018
very good
16 Mar 2018
Good resource.
01 Mar 2018
Very important VLA Inciteful and well presented
16 Jan 2018
I thoroughly recommend this VLA to any health professionals.
06 Jan 2018
It was an excellent presentation.
24 Dec 2017
well presented
19 Dec 2017
This is a very thorough and meaningful lecture on Loss and Grief. The educator was excellent and very informative.
20 Nov 2017
Excellent resource that reminds nurses to look after themselves so they can continue to look after others well

Course Overview

Topics include:

  • What is grief?
  • Facts and myths
  • Physical and psychological manifestations of grief
  • Two contemporary models of grief
  • When grief becomes complicated
  • Ground rules for health professionals supporting those who are grieving
  • Strategies for supporting those in your care – and their families – as they grieve
  • Supporting grief brought about by losses that do not involve a death
  • Strategies for looking after yourself

Target audience

All health professionals in all areas of professional practice.


Explore the nature of grief and how it manifests, and provide health professionals with an outline of the fundamental principles required to support those that are experiencing grief, regardless of the loss.


Health professionals – in both their personal and professional roles – are constantly confronted with loss and grief. In many cases it can be an especially intense experience, as the grief of those in care – and their families – is also a grief experienced by the person caring for them. It is important that – whatever the cause of the loss – it is understood that grief is very real to the individual and, as health professionals; we are in a unique position to reduce the impact of this grief on all concerned. However, such support is not without cost, and throughout this experience, health professionals need to understand not just the needs of those experiencing loss, but how they relate to – and cope with – that loss themselves.

Health professionals in Australia that are registered with AHPRA are required to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) hours/points each year that relates to their context of practice, in order to comply with mandatory regulatory requirements.

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