Aseptic Technique

35m of CPD
Sue Templeton
31 May 2016

This Course provides a brief but comprehensive overview of aseptic technique, its importance, and how to correctly perform an aseptic procedure.


Wounds dressed using the correct aseptic technique will have fewer adverse outcomes compared to those dresses with improper technique


Sue Templeton

Sue Templeton works as the Nurse Practitioner: wound management for RDNS SA. Sue has worked in wound management since 1987 and has extensive clinical experience managing a variety of acute and chronic wounds. Sue provides clinical consultancy services, develops and delivers wound management education, and is involved in the development of wound management tools, policies, and procedures. Sue has been involved in AWMA/Wounds Australia at a national and local level for a number of years. Sue has undertaken clinical research and published and presented locally, nationally, and internationally. Sue has been involved in the development of several national and international guidelines and is active in a number of state and national committees. Sue is passionate about improving the lives of people with a wound and empowering others to deliver best practice in wound management.


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This was a very good tutorial, it was good to see the presentation of aseptic technique.

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A valuable presentation to reinforce Knowledge of Aseptic Technique not only for wound dressings but also Also procedures

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Excellent presentation of aseptic technique when dealing with wound care. As many patients are diabetic that require ulcers etc dressed on a regular basis, they are at an extremely high risk for infection. It is our job as nurses to minimise or eradicate that risk and encourage effective healing of those wounds that are undermined. More videos on wound care please!

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It' always great to refresh your clinical knowledge, skill and practice in the fundamental basics in nursing that we do so often and can become complacent in.

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Course Overview

Topics include:

  • Definitions and terminology
  • Importance of aseptic technique
  • Different techniques
  • Practical demonstration of performing aseptic technique

Target audience

Health professionals working in acute care, aged care, outpatient departments, General Practice and domiciliary settings who manage people requiring a wound dressing.


Refresh knowledge on how to correctly perform a wound dressing with an aseptic non-touch technique.


Wound cleansing aims to remove excess exudate, dressing remnants and non-viable tissue from the wound to promote healing and reduce infection risk. Appropriate wound cleansing can remove the local barriers to healing and is an essential element in wound management. This seemingly basic and simple procedure can be quite complex and requires assessment and an understanding of the person and their wound. Whilst there is a focus on the products and solutions suitable for wound cleansing, there is a lack of practical guidance on how to actually cleanse wounds. Utilising the appropriate processes for wound cleansing will benefit patients.

Health professionals in Australia that are registered with AHPRA are required to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) hours/points each year that relates to their context of practice, in order to comply with mandatory regulatory requirements.