Wound Care - What's Changed?


Published: 29 November 2015

Ausmed’s popular wound care seminar has been completely revised for 2015. Watch the video above to learn about the latest changes and why it’s more important than ever for nurses and midwives to be competent in treating wounds.

Ausmed’s Wound Management seminar was launched over 10 years ago as a result of the rapid development in wound care treatment methodologies. Since then thousands of nurses and health professionals around Australia have attended, resulting in the transfer of knowledge and evidence-based best practices to both the bedside and the community.

Because of its popularity, Ausmed now host this seminar in capital and rural cities all around Australia up to 30 times per year. This gives all nurses nationwide the opportunity to access the most current information available at a time and place of their convenience.
See our upcoming dates and locations.

The seminar is presented by two senior and highly experienced professionals in the industry, Associate Professor Geoff Sussman, who holds a position in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science at Monash University, and Greg Duncan, a pharmacist with an academic and practice background. Their passion for the topic is evident and leaves all delegates feeling empowered and ready to apply their knowledge to practice.

“I really loved this seminar, found it really interesting and the speakers were great to listen to. Would definitely recommend to others.”

“I would travel a long way to see Professor Geoff Sussman again. He was unbelievably knowledgable. Very lucky to have such an opportunity.”

“It was a privilege to attend, I feel very grateful to the organisers.”

“Wounds are my passion, this gave me so much to go home with.”

“One of the best I have been to in 30 years. Thank you.”

“Wonderful conference – all nurses should be encouraged to attend an Ausmed course.”

“Excellent I want all my staff to attend!”

“Excellent seminar, I learnt so much and the presenters were faultless.”

“Wonderful, [I] learnt a lot!”

“Excellent, I am very impressed with the whole process!”

“Dynamic speakers, very engaging and I was never bored.”

The Wound Management: A Practical Guide seminar is a must attend for all nurses and other interested health professionals. Keep your eyes out for upcoming events in your area.