Nurse-Led Education: Combining Spirituality & Prostate Health: Part Two

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Healthcare professionals who worship in community-based churches can emerge as leaders of initiatives that inspire and empower others to examine their personal health needs.

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Healthcare professionals who worship in community-based churches can emerge as leaders of initiatives that inspire and empower others to examine their personal health needs. The previous instalment of this series detailed an outline for groups to be held in church communities, focusing on issues related to men’s health. Now, let us examine how to analyse the themes that might emerge from those groups to organise and formalise nurse-led education and information sessions.

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Meet the educator

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Judith Paré
Judith Paré joined the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) in May, 2017 as the Director of Nursing Education/Workforce Quality and Safety. In 2014, Judith earned her Doctorate of Philosophy in the field of Nursing Education Capella University. Prior to joining the MNA she was Dean of the School of Nursing & Behavioral Sciences at Becker College in Worcester Massachusetts. She is an experienced educator in academic and continuing education settings. Judith is a member of more than ten professional nursing organisations and she devotes much of her time as an advocate for the Rural Nurse Organisation. Her expertise include curriculum design, assessment and evaluation in nursing and healthcare. Her research areas of expertise in rural healthcare and specifically the lived experiences of the rural nurse generalist. Judith is a published author and a national speaker in the field of rural nursing. Her recent writings includes: Montgomery, S, Sutton A & Paré, J 2017, ‘Rural Nursing & Synergy’, Online Journal of Rural Nursing & Health Care, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 87-99.
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Trevor Mason
05 Aug 2021
This activity, while not directly relevant to my scope as a paramedic, is of interest to me as a prostate cancer survivor, a health care professional and a member of a local church. Since my recovery from Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy and follow up radiotherapy, I have found myself in a position where I receive requests for advice for newly diagnosed colleagues and even strangers. I am happy to be able to assist them by sharing my experiences. An excellent concept
Jenny Esposito
06 Aug 2021
It was great to gain new insights.
Junyi NIU
08 Aug 2021
Maxine Lamb
05 Aug 2021
An interesting article.
Portrait of Pabitra Rai
Pabitra Rai
28 Aug 2021
06 Oct 2021
Nira Thapa
06 Aug 2021
I gained new knowledge from this resource which is relevant to my field with full of useful information.
Daniel Durisotti
01 Oct 2021
amazing and indepth
Melinda Kelly-Hamilton
20 Oct 2021
Great idea, may be could also be used for mental health issues
Bonimol Baby
19 Sep 2021
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