Neonatal Hydrotherapy on the NICU

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NICU nurses are very protective of their charges – and rightfully so. Anything that disrupts the Zen in that place means additional stressors on amped-up bambini. So imagine the reaction that a physiotherapist might get if she entered the NICU and said, 'Today, we try pool therapy!'

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As a brand-new physiotherapist barely twenty-four years old, I found myself working as the lead on the Burn Unit at a major trauma centre in North America. It was a wee bit intimidating. The specialised protocols, extensive need for precautions and generalised fear of the ‘big screw-up’ kept me on my toes. But let me just say, the Burn Unit’s got nothing on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. That place will put the fear of the Almighty (meaning, of course, the nurses) into any physiotherapist.


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Andrea Salzman
Andrea Salzman, MS, PT graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Master’s degree in physical therapy in 1992. Over the last two decades, she has held numerous prominent leadership roles in the physical therapy field, with a heavy emphasis on academic writing and administrative functions. Between 1995 and 1998, Salzman served as the Editor-in-Chief of an American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) journal. In 2010, Salzman received one of the highest honors given to a physical therapist from the American Physical Therapy Association, the Judy Cirullo Leadership Award. Between 2012 and the present, Salzman has written 12 physical therapy courses for Care2Learn, Relias Learning and reviewed over 100 other course offerings. Currently, Salzman continues in her writing, leadership and administrative roles at Aquatic Therapy University and 10K Health.
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Ira Bista
09 Apr 2023
Registered Nurse
good information, helpful
Marina Ralfe
03 Jul 2020
Very interesting read.
Bryony Cornes
20 Sep 2022
Registered Midwife Registered Nurse
Great information.
Robyn Harris
15 May 2020
Very interesting
Portrait of Tracey Edwards
Tracey Edwards
04 Nov 2021
A brief overview of a topic which was new to me. It gave me a good description of neonatal hydrotherapy.
Bernadette Tourettes
25 Aug 2022
Aliesha Tyrrell
23 Mar 2023
Christina Atkins
01 Jun 2021
Dana Merchant
07 Nov 2020
A continuation from swaddled bathing. Need more info on the advantages
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