Introducing Reporting - CPD


Published: 07 February 2016

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of’s new reporting feature. It goes without saying that reporting CPD is an essential part of its documentation. Key features of the new reporting section include:

  1. Download a full PDF summary of your CPD
  2. Monthly breakdown of CPD
  3. CPD by mode of learning
  4. CPD by topic

Download a PDF Summary of Your CPD

The new reporting section enables you to quickly and easily download a full copy of all of your CPD documentation. You can provide this report to your employer, auditors, or keep it filed for personal reference (and peace of mind). To get your report, simply click the blue ‘Print Report’ button on the reporting page (see below).
CPD Reporting

Whole New Ways to Analyse Your CPD

The reporting section of Ausmed also provides you with whole new ways to think about your CPD. Gain insights into your learning trends, including the months you spend the most time learning; your preferred category (mode) of learning; and the topics you do the most education on.
Reporting CPD

To try these new features out, login to Ausmed and visit the reporting section. If you haven’t got an Ausmed account yet, simply click here to sign and up and start using the new reporting tools online (they’re free).

What’s Next?

We’re currently focussing on making it as easy as possible for you to document your CPD. In particular, we’re experimenting with the concept of sharing CPD documentation with your colleagues. Imagine… a group of learners (think inservice) could share their documentation with each other, saving on the overall time spent by each nurse or midwife individually documenting the activity.

For the time being though, enjoy the new reporting features!

Will and the Ausmed team